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This site deals with the DJ L’embrouille’s mixes, exclusively done with netlabels tracks, all free and legal.

Each Week, find a new netlabel dj sets on the mixes section.

Each wednesday at 06:00 pm, listen to us on  livesets radio for two hours of fresh netlabel sets.
Each tuesday at 06:00 pm on
Each friday at 09:00 pm on  dolebraï, the netlabel radio.
Each 1st and 3rd sunday at 10:00 pm on  mth.electro.

Contact : Myspace / Mail

02.12.08 Doboxhas ever been special for me. So i decided to release a set with only dobox trax. Deep at  the beginnig then minimal at 140 bpm. The set is released on dobox of course !

09.11.08 In order to do my patriot works, i release on sonic walker a set with only french netlabels and almost only french artists.

02.11.08 For the first time, i try myself in a only one netlabel dedicated set. This one is for Haknam, who unfortunatly leaves the netlabel scene. The set is released on mixotic.

05.10.08 UA special one for this occasion cause i did this set with another dj, Lo, from La Réunion. Lo played the first hour, i played the second. The set is released on netlabel Schall. The sound is ambient dub / tekdub.

09.09.08 The new set is out on Mixotic. This one is a bit particular since he is done with 300 loops which come from the packages of produkt schallplatten (the famous produktloops which was used by so many artits and what was forbidden). This set is a tool to detect fake and also my tribute to the produkt team (the loop project seems to be off).

06.08.08 One more set on my friend Harald' sonic walker. This time i tried to catch some dark atmosphere but still and as usual danceable.

21.07.08 The last techno set is just released on Loopzilla. Some hard beats for your pleasure...

19.07.08 JI update the Mixes section with 9 or 10 new sets. The very last one is now available on deepindub, a dubby one, ambient then more tekdub at the end.

16.06.08 After more than six months of silence, i'm ready for a coming back. The site is again updated, if only some are still reading this one (is there anybody out there ?). I will be operationnal for a set per month, something more. The show Melenick Session is still broadcasted each week, we're now a team with Revy, Psycoded & Zoe Orange et Livecollective. A nice band of djs that bring you each week some wicked netlabel beats. I will soon update infomations about the show and place new links for my set. See you soon...

04.04.08 On the demand of the very productive Sasha Müller from Supersix Records, i made a set with tracks from each release done since the 20th one. The mix is made with some house tunes, some minimal, techno... and even trance, hey, hey, everything can happen !

01.01.08 For the third year, the world web trip is released on  Mixotic. This time the trip is under techno sound. The year 2008 will be less productive for me since i have decided to spend more time with my two young childs, logic, isn't it !

08.11.07 The set done in Berlin while the netaudio festival 2008 is just online. The 2008 edition was the occasion to meet many netaudio activists. It was great. The set is oriented minimal house and groovy and is released on my friend Aleks's zimmer.

01.11.07 Do Brazil. The set done week 41 is now available on brazilian netlabel Solidalab. After hearing good tracks on their past released, i have the honnour to be part of their dj set section. The style is dubby at the very begininning then more minimal with some long superspositions. The Mixes section is updated.

20.10.07 To accompany the release of the first anniversary of great australian netlabel Pinksilver, i realized a set which represents the evolution of the netlabel. It is released on their podcast section (n°10). The running order of the tracks follow the chronology of the releases, from n°1 to n°10, twice (first one more deep, second one groovy). Thanks to them for their proposition. More sets to come...

30.09.07 My new "concept" set is just released on mixotic. As its tittle means (Alphabetical Session), the evolution of the playlist is guided with the first letter of each netlabel involved. from  A of  Anozer to Z Zimmer,one track for each letter. It perhaps doesn't have many interest but i found it fun to do it ! The style is almost minimal in the beginning then dubby after Qunabu (i didn't knew another Q...)

20.09.07 I will take part in the 2007 edition of netaudio festival. This time, it's in Berlin, at Raw Tempel. Line up and more info at

19.09.07 The last set is just released on Sonic Walker. About fourty techno tracks, some good bumping tracks. Thanks to Harald for making the set available.

05.09.07 Melenick session is now broadcasted each tuesday at 06:00 pm on Great news, the show is growing. If you want to participate or know some nice webradios, don't  hesitate to contact me !

04.09.07 OWell, after a long silence, i'm back. Laptop crashed + holidays = no set during some weeks. The end of august set is just released on deepindub (thanks Mitch). A marathon one (42 tracks) en 2h06 (Kibet beaten). Lot of good tracks released this summer, groovy ! The mixes section is updated with some new sets.

16.07.07 The two weeks set will be (if everything's ok) online throught whomp fm. Concerning netradios, my sets are broadcasted time to time on these ones for example :,,  blast fm, undermix radio, uzic radio...

11.07.07 In order to celebrate the lauch of the new va Electronic Youth vol 15, Foem give me some honours this week : the set done specially for EY15 is now online, so that my interview on the 'Artist Of The Week' section. I think it's also the occasion to release the set done one year ago with only tracks from EY13. Mixes section updated...

04.07.07 One of the latest shows is available since last week on netlabel deepindub. Thanks to DJ Mitch for his warm welcome and his kind words. The style is almost minimal deep then groovy. This week begins the broadcast of the how in Proton Radio.

26.06.07 Well i'm a bit hurry. Last wednesday, the two weeks ago session was released on loopzilla. Thanks again to Seth for his welcome. To be continued with a set on foem and perhaps one on deepindub. Otherwise, i'm 33 today !

14.06.07 The set broadcasted on Proton Radio last week is now available for download. He was done two months ago. Italobusiness give me again the honour to place it in their DJ set section. For those who want to hear it, it's here on the Mixes section, it's the Week16 one or on Italobusiness...

11.06.07 Yeah, let's go for a crazy week. The first of the week is a aciiiid one just released on the great mixotic. If you wanna hear some free 303 riffs, don't hesitate.

06.06.07 Proton radio makes me the pleasure to inivte me on their Featured artists show. Great news since Proton got a large number of listeners. Hope it could bring some people to netlabels. Broadcasted at 1pm - 3pm EST. 

02.06.07 For the release of the first anniversary compilation of Stirsound's netlabel, i was proposed to do a set with all the tracks from the va (22). It was an interesting exercice (and the tracks are damn good) and done in a short way (one day). It appears to me that this is not so bad works... To download here or on Stirsoundound.

27.05.07 The last set is available via Italobusiness DJ set section. Thanks for their welcome, all of this contribute to my reconciliation with Italian people. The set is almost minimal (deep at the beginning and progressivly more tek). More on the mixes section.

17.05.07 To celebrate my second mix birthday, Bueno Onda records invite me in their weekly streaming each thursday between 08:00 pm and 10:00 pm. If you wanna give a hear, you're welcome.

09.05.07 By now, there is some changes on the netradios shows. Melenick Session is now the occasion to hear new djs and to mutualize our force. We will be now 15 djs on the turn. if you want to join, no problem. So, the show is now broadcasted in other netradios. Complete list to foloow.

01.05.07 The last set is dedicated to deep and dubby sound. After receiving some promos from upcoming Silent Season netlabel, i decided to make such a set to promote it. It's the last of a long weekly set. A set each week is a bit too crazy and i certainly need a break...

19.04.07 Yep, the last set still unreleased is now online on great Detroit's netlabel Random Access Recordings(thanks Markus).  The style is for this time house / deephouse. Otherwise, this is also the occasion to talk to french voters  (heu, if you're french and read this, you're in the right section !). Please read this french document just censured. Scaring... French friends, good vote !

11.04.07 The new set is online, just broadcasted in liveset. A big thank you to all my supporters there (ginman, konop, jerrzz....). This last set presents some very fine deep and minimal tracks. Available on the Mixes section, at the very botom ! Playlist section is also updated with all my playlist, all the tracks played, something like 1500 different free tracks !

06.04.07 Yeah, productive easter week end . The set down three weeks ago is released on sonic walker. It's my fourth for Harald, thanks you mate ! The set is made with deep intro then some good groovy minimal tracks and quick deep end.

05.04.07 The new set just done this week is released on german netlabel  supersix. Thanks to Sascha Mueller (very productive on various netlabels) for his welcome. The set is almost techno with some fine energetic tracks. Included new netlabels and some oldies !

01.04.07 No april fish, just a new set released on german netlabel Aeronautique. Thanks to Jörg for his welcome. The style is deep at the beginning then more groovy. To be found on the mixes section or in aeronautique who also put online a bio more serious than the one here.

14.03.07 For this last set, i stop squatting elsewhere and release it in my own Melenick Sessions (thanks !). He's very fresh, just broadcasted tonight with many groovy tunes (included great promotions of next Aciendo and Intoxik; about that, don't hesitate to send me promo tracks of upcoming netreleases, i like that).  Available on the section Mixes, in the very bottom of the page with as usual the playlist, all the links and everything you need !

12.03.07 Don't worry my rostibeach fans, i'm not yet on holidays (soon). One of my last set is just released on the serie Loopzilla (thanks to Seth Gekko for opening his doors). The style is minimal. I have another one in the pipeline with Aeronautique (deep & minimal), another house with Random Access Recodings and a project of Detroit set for Edensonic.

20.02.07 The last mix is available on zimmer. Thanks to psyCodEd for his welcome. Well, i want to precise that this one was a bit strange. I have to do it for thursday night, we were thursday night, while doing it my little baby girl woke up. One hand on her, one hand on the desk... I did my best !

18.02.07 New set available on great Stir Sound. Cool, i'm am on the board with some nice guys from Marseille. Stir Sound is co-managed but the very good John Doe who offers us often quality remixes.

08.02.07  The waiting set on Pentagonik is now online. Good thing ! Pentagonik is one of the most respected netlabel, so it makes me happy. The style is almost minimal.

08.02.07 Since last week, i'm now broadcasted each friday at 09:00 pm on webradio 100% free music dolebraï. Hope to see you there !

07.02.07 Following my participation on netlabel marathon week on torespont, the set diffused is now available. It's here.

30.01.07 The new set is avilable from echosuro (netlabel (exotic destination cause it is based in Costa Rica). Thanks to them for their warm welcome. I've also a new broadcast each friday at 09:00 pm on a french netradio dedicated only to free music : Will point on that soon when i have more time.

13.01.07 I'm proud to be included in the Netlabel Marathon Weekend on torespont

10.01.07 After seeing some reactions in various forums that netlabel only offer deep and ambient works, i think it is the time to make a new techno set. I collect different approach of techno (deep, minimal, tribal, detroit, hard...) and place them in a set. It is just released on great spain portal offtechno. Link to the set : Click.

01.01.07 Happy new year to all of you. Wish you all the best for 2007. The world web trip is just released on mixotic at the very first day of this new year. Very glad to be the first netlabel set of the year.

30.12.06 Coming very soon on mixotic,my second world web trip. As last year one, the playlist follow a trip country after country month after month. Deep departure in january in Russia and east europe then minimal grooves from north Europe, north & south America, Australia then deep & minimal in mediterranean Europe to finish in december in France after a quick step in UK.

24.12.06 Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all of you. 2006 was a great year for netlabel music. Thanks to all the artists who share their great sound for free.

My sets in now included time to time to the programmaton of a new netradio 100% netlabel on

02.12.06 I've got a burning actuality this week end. My very last set  is just released on dj netlabel Sonic Walker. This time style is more housy, deep housy with some new netlabels...

01.12.06 I'm very proud to be this friday on the new Pinksilver podcast. The set available is my new Marathon set (42.2 tracks in 1h50). Hope you'll enjoy this one as much as i enjoyed doing it. The style is a, to me, a nice representation of the netlabel sound : deep at the beginning then minimal, housy, dark and more tek.
09.10.06 Be careful, i'm now in myspace. I knek before it was a large place but i didn't imagine to find so many people. Very nice...

28.09.06 The mixes section is updated. The number of sets available reaches the magic number of 51. The show Melenick Session is now played each thursday at 08:00 pm (instead of each wednesday at 10:00 pm).

19.09.06 Ok, netaudio 06 is gone. Really good experience. The beer was good, the organisation and the people nice. My set is on line via mnml. Later elsewhere when i have more time...
19.09.06 With a little delay, i make a little promotion for my set available on the romanian netlabel midnights. Almost house / minimal house. 
03.09.06 As you certainly yet noticed, design is not my best quality. Fortunately, i can count on good supporter on the net. Thanks to Stefan for taking the time to make all the covers for the Net radio Session. Now onlibe for the recents one.
22.08.06  My new set (deep / minimal) is now available from On this site  you will find lot of netaudio sets made by djmitch, italian dj and till now sets made by other djs.
07.08.06  Back. The Mixes section is now updated. It's also the occasion to annonce that i will be present on Netaudio 06 festival for a one hour set.
13.06.06  After more than one year very productive with the netlabels, i will soon take a break following a happy evenement in my family. This site will be less updated and the mixes too. Thanks to everyone who take the time to visit this site. 
23.05.06  The great team of  Metroline Recordings makes me the honnor to be the guest of their weekly broadcast. So this wednesday at 09:00 pm, you can hear one of my mix.
14.05.06  New mix on line on zerinnerung. This techno mix is made of tracks released between 1998 and 2001 on the very first netlabels. This 'Old School Session' is dedicated to the precursors of the netlabel scene (Schleudertrauma, Rohformat, Heavy Industry,...). Thanks to them.
01.05.06  The 42.2 tracks marathon set is now available via polymorphic music platform. Thanks to them to host this great mix ! 
18.04.06  About one year ago, i discovered the netlabel scene and was very enthusiastic with this new scene (i'm still today). One of my first discover of very good quality release was the inv3rno 002 Dee Green ep. After some discussion with the label managern we decided i would make a mix with these tracks. The mix was ready in spring 2005 and today, after one year of patience, is released !
13.04.06  Paris, London... It's marathon time these days. To celebrate teh madrunner who run 42.2 km, the new session avaible is amde with 42.2 tracks, in 2 hours and 4 minutes, new world record. To downlaod in the  Mixes section and you read a review of it in  netaudio 06 festival site.
28.03.06  The first forum exclusively opened to netlabels is now online. Very good news as a promotion tools for all of us concerned by this scene.
16.03.06  Our dear governement is actually voting very nuisable laws for free cultures (musique, soft). Please try to inform yourself about this fact. The link here (framasoft) is for french reader but perhaps you can help me to find english sites who deal with this fucking law (the law is called DADVSI and one of its fact is to install drm under all commercial products). We have to be very carefull. What happen now in France could happen in every of your country.
08.03.06  A new mix is released yesterday on  Sonic Walker. Second mix on this netlabel / blog after the so difficult drum & bass one !
28.02.06  By now, foreign djs are invited to broadcast a netlabel mix on Melenick Session. The first of a long list, i hope, was  Choplin Sound with a minimal / deep mix. His mix is available on the mixes section. The Rainy sunday's mix of Sonic Walker was also broadcasted recently on the show.
17.02.06  The great german netlabel  zimmer brings us the honnor to be released on the zimmerMix series (the mix is the techno one Melenick Session 019).
31.01.06  The World Web Trip 2005 is just released in zerinnerung. The playlist and the running order is as a journey into netaudio sounds from january to december. Departure in Germany in january then Netherland and England for february, march then Denmark, Russia, to Asia, Canada, USA,South America et at the endback in Europe for a smooth end. Each track tries to represent how netlabel sounds in the visited country... We can by this way discover the diversity of this scene.
26.01.06 In exclusivity, the german radio broadcast my new mix released this end of week on zerinnerung. This mix is a bit special. More about this in few days...
15.01.06  Happy new year to all of you. A new year is just started, with many good grooves i hope. For this beginnig, a new tekno mix is available on the great scottish netlabel  Avionix. The melenick session is still going on. One mix a week in, afterwards downloadable here...
14.12.05  Be carefull with the DADVSI law.  The French government plans to introduce a draconian copyright law, the DADVSI, to be discussed in parliament on December 20th and 21st. DADVSI would impose criminal penalties for activities that until now have been considered fair use, such as making backups of music or video that one owns.
The site is a clearing house for information in English and in French, including a petition (in French) against the proposed law.
15.11.05  A house mix is now downlable in spanish Op3n. Some warm beats for this winter...
11.11.05  Electronic youth is a team of young electronic music  producers. A mix by l'embrouille (tekno) with only EY tracks is available  in their site.
24.10.05  The third l'embrouille's mix is now on zerinnerung. We can find in it  29 tracks tekno / minimal tekno mixed.
05.10.05  The Melenick Sessions move to; Each week, a one hour netlabel mix is broadcast in, very large community of musicians lover. The show stands wednesday at 10:00 pm. The playlist is available in the forum with direct links to the netlabel's sites.
20.09.05  By now, the mixes are in the schedules of  deepmix radio, very good russian radio.
20.08.05  The Sets done each week are now available for downloads on

15.08.05  A new drum&bass mix is downlable on Sonic Walker Netlabel. This netlabel promotes different forms of netlabel music.

05.08.05  By now, DJ L'embrouille plays each thursday night at 11:00 pm (GMT+1)  about one hour mix on MPIII Radio. The sets are made of netlabel sounds, the aim is to place very recent tracks.
21.07.05  The second mix of l'embrouille in zerinnerung is just released. This mix is a soft tekdub / tekhouse journey.
13.05.05  The very first netlabel mix of l'embrouille is now available on zerinnerung. After the discovery of the netlabel scene, he was amazed by the quality. He tried to contribute to this scene by making a mix where he placed the first tracks downloaded that he found good (minimal / tekno).